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  • Shapes of Magnets

    Different Shapes of Magnets and Their Uses Different shapes of magnets have different uses. Learn about Alnico, Ceramic, and Neodymium countersunk ring magnets. You’ll also find information on NdFeB countersunk ring magnets. These materials are commonly used in electronic components. In addition to being functional, these magnets can also be used as street art. Neodymium […]

  • Neodymium

    The Neodymium disk magnets The best way to get the best out of any disc size or shape is with Neodymium ring magnets. These large assortments come in magnetic and non-magnetic versions for all types of projects. These tiny disc magnets can hold 200g each and are available in many sizes and colors. These strong magnets […]

  • Maximize the Magnet

    How to Maximize the Magnetic Pull of Neodymium Disc Magnets Neodymium disc magnets are a fantastic choice for anchoring vascular stents. They are distinct in that they can be put further into the body and they can be covered or potting to conceal them. Here are some typical applications and precautions to take when handling these […]